Ariana Grande Latest Spokesmodel for AIDS Fund

In the music world, Ariana Grande is vying for a coveted spot among the most legendary divas of all time. With her infectious pop jams, impossibly high range and crossover acting skills, she’s proved to be a mega-successful triple threat. However, thanks to a new partnership with MAC Cosmetics, she’ll be joining the ranks of the world’s most famous celebs in raising funds to fight HIV and AIDS.

Grande is MAC’s newest Viva Glam spokesmodel. In partnership with Viva Glam, she’s lent her name and likeness to a special line of lip products. The revenue generated from this year’s Viva Glam sales will go the MAC AIDS Fund. Previous celebrities to hold the Viva Glam title included Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Elton John and Lady Gaga.

MAF stands out in its HIV and AIDS fundraising, not just for its glamorous approach, but also for its allocation of funds. The organization focuses exclusively on combating the link between HIV infections and poverty. Through a series of educational initiatives, MAF works to provide disadvantaged communities with the knowledge to stop the spread of the deadly disease. More than $400 million has been raised through Viva Glam sales since 1994.

The lipsticks sell for just $17. According to MAF’s official website, that money can be used to support a series of effective prevention and treatment techniques. For the cost of one lipstick, 2 safe sex kits could be distributed. Or 8 meals could be provided. Or a person in need could have a month of public transportation to and from important doctor’s appointments. Or the cost of an HIV-prevention workshop could be covered.

MAF isn’t just focused on the painful aftermath of HIV infection. The organization wants to combat the spread of the disease at its core. With Grande’s star power in tow, MAC Cosmetics seems poised for another successful run. Those interested in supporting the cause can choose from one of four lip products on MAC’s official website.

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