A Digital Approach To Charity by eBay

The demonstration of sympathy and compassion is an inextricable part of humanity as we all have a natural inclination to reach out to needy and less privileged members of our society. Over the years, there has been a proliferation of respectable charity organizations that are motivated and propelled by the goal of reaching out to deprived people in the society. Similarly, there has been significant involvement in charities by many corporations and businesses which is done in fulfillment of their CSR to the communities in which they operate. In the spirit of charity, eBay, one of the biggest online markets has taken an unprecedented approach to charity giving with the introduction of its “gifts that give back” program.

The brilliant initiative was introduced on the 29th of November with the view of facilitating the connection between customers and charities on the eBay online market platform. “Gifts that gives back” program is designed to bridge the gap between customers and charity organizations, enabling these charities to sell donations to various prospects that are looking to give to charity thereby impacting positively on many needy people in the society. The charity program on eBay has a long list of charity organizations but it is not exhaustive as more charity organizations would be incorporated subsequently based on the overall success and efficacy of the program.

Unarguably, eBay offers a remarkable opportunity to stimulate a staggering level of charitable activities world over, as eBay has over 165 million buyers globally. This effectiveness of the program is buttressed by statistical evidence revealed through investigations that 75% of Americans are excited to give a gift that benefits a charity. Additionally, eBay does not take charges or commissions on charity gifts and has made provisions to allow the customers to donate directly to customers through the checkout program.

The strength of eBay’s customer base offers endless possibilities which would certainly revolutionize the way charity is carried out. Christopher Maddocks of March of Dimes charity organization, which is one of the charity organizations currently collaborating with eBay, has applauded the altruistic program and the way it has fundamentally transformed the way charitable acts are done. The digital approach to charity introduced by eBay would certainly expedite and increase charitable actions while exposing various charity organizations to countless number of potential donors on the eBay platform.

Various charity organizations offer items for potential donors to buy on eBay which would help improve the lives of babies and people who are underprivileged in the society. The introduction of “gifts that give back” by eBay has many tremendous advantages that would benefit charity by remodeling the general attitude towards charitable giving while rejuvenating public’s consciousness to the needs of the underprivileged in the society. March of Dimes like other charity organizations collaborating with eBay use charming names to brand the various products to be gifted to charity with names like “first clean bed” “a bedroom for each of the kids and many more to attract well-meaning people to be a part of something special.

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