Diageo Fighting Drunk Driving With Virtual Reality

Undoubtedly, drunk driving is one of the leading causes of auto-accidents. The debilitating effect of excessive and irresponsible drinking has engendered widespread attention which has been met by a commensurate amount well implemented campaigns targeted at correcting the social abnormality that incrementally causes more deaths and life threatening injuries yearly.
In response to the debilitating scourge of drunk driving and as part of the Company’s social responsibility, Diageo company, has adopted an unprecedented approach in the fight against irresponsible drinking with the introduction of pioneering virtual reality experience that puts lawful drinkers in the middle of a simulated fatal drunk driving car crash.

Prior to the creation of this ground breaking initiative, Diageo Company has demonstrated unwavering support for the cause which is exemplified by their collaboration with the global “join the pact” program. The join the pact initiative is a global initiative, like many others initiative of its kind, emerged with the sole aim of combating the menace of drunk driving. The initiative has recorded considerable achievements with an estimated 2.6 million pledges since inception. While it is safe to commend the altruistic nature of initiatives targeted at combating drunk driving, staggering statistical facts indicate that the unsavory effects drunk driving is unremittingly high, hence It is safe to presume that socio-cultural menace would not cease until audacious measures such as the virtual reality campaign initiated by Diageo’s company are encouraged, implemented and propagated at an exponential rate.

The immersive virtual reality experience incorporates technological innovations to give young eligible drinkers a simulated experience that displays the negative impacts of drinking and driving in a seemingly real and physical way. The virtual reality experience gives a vivid encounter that engages user senses for the most compelling presentation. It is expected that the simulation would be decisive in dissuading a large number of susceptible drinkers from indulging in drunk driving. The Simulation replicates auto accidents as it would occur when you drink and drive, engaging the minds of users in an engrossing way while reenacting the disturbing repercussion of a real life auto-accident that helps reinforcing the importance of responsible drinking.

The technology aided campaign that has been introduced by the Diageo Company is called “Decisions”. “Decision” is introduced as part of Diageo corporate social responsibility and underscores the company’s unrelenting and unwavering commitment to eradicating the bane of drunk driving while reinstating the importance of responsible drinking.

The campaign chronicles the journey of different travellers and their passengers. “Decision” captures three independent stories that are seemingly independent at the onset while accentuating common features which shows all three roles being enthusiastic and promising people that are propelled by a promising life, sadly, the three different stories of travellers and passengers converges in a devastating tragedy reinforcing the debilitating impact that an individual’s “Decision” can have on all the passengers in a drunk driving situation.

The “Decisions” initiative utilizes technological platforms to communicate with the need for responsible drinking using avant-garde technology that appeal to the emotional responses of target audience. The sensitization program is implemented in collaboration with Facebook, YouTube and Times magazine which facilitate distribution and broaden reach. The virtual reality is also compatible with digital devices like VR headsets, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Google Daydream for the most intense life changing experience. The initiative has also reached partnership with the united nations organizations institute of training and research on “Road Safety Initiative for Cities’ which would also push the message to countries across Africa, Asia , Latin America and central America in the bid to reduce road traffic accidents.

“Decisions” has achieved an unparalleled feat with the use of immerse virtual reality in the fight against drunk driving, the approach communicates with the emotional context of target audiences in ways that is expected to stimulate astounding level of awareness with corresponding behavioral modifications. The initiative has further been enhanced by the strategic collaborations with social networks, digital platforms and digital tools for enhanced distribution of material for heightened sensitization which may be conclusive in the war against drunk driving.